Activities for Children and the family in January

After all the excitement and enjoyment of Christmas comes to an end – January can feel a little dull and underwhelming. It’s just not the same for little ones as running around in Santa onesies, feasting on yummy pigs in blankets, and the big grin on their face when opening their presents.

Despite the new year offering new beginnings and fresh starts, there is a sure dip in the positivity that many of us can feel. Factors such as the weather, finances, and many of us being asked to isolate or stay home has also meant there is little freedom to venture out and keep our little ones occupied too.

So, to kick off 2022, discover some of the best activities – that doesn’t cost the earth!

Winter Wonderland Walks  

Get out and about with your sweetheart and enjoy scenic walks together. Make sure to wrap uptight, and don’t forget to take yummy snacks and a flask of hot chocolate so you can both feast on your winter wonderland venture! Why not embrace your inner Sherlock Holmes? Make a list of all the things you may spot – birds, dogs, ducks, rabbits, and more. And of course, let your little one tick them off the list as you go along – it’ll make them feel like they’re in charge!  


If you want to avoid lots of screen-time this January, audiobooks are amazing in keeping the little ones entertained. Designed to encourage imagination, audio players such as Tonies Toniebox and Yoto Player provide a series of magical stories and songs with the help of collectible characters.

Food Fun

Food is always fun! If your little baker is of a suitable age – baking and cooking together are perfect during the chillier months! You could knock up a batch of soup to warm the whole family up or bake a batch of cookies and get creative with icing and sprinkles. Here are some of our favorite yummy treats:

  • Cookie dough truffles – you don’t need to bake cookies for you and your little one to have a tasty treat. All you need to do is roll the raw dough into small balls, freeze them, and then dip them in melted chocolate. Beware though, it’s going to get messy – expect chocolate smeared all over your child’s face!  

  • Kitty cat rice cakes – you’ll both have so much fun making these adorable kitty cat rice cakes. Plus, it’s a super healthy sweet treat so go ahead and indulge in these every day!  

  • Nutella popsicles – your cutie will be in chocolate with heaven with this three-ingredient scrumptious recipe. All you need is whipped cream, whole milk, and Nutella spread.

Ice Egg hunt  

Yes – we know it’s not Easter but who said you couldn’t have an egg hunt in winter too? It’s actually a great time for it, but better yet, you can put your own spin on it! Put small toys inside balloons then add in some colored water. Leave them in the garden overnight to freeze (if it’s set to drop below freezing) or pop them in the freezer as a backup plan. Once they’re frozen, cut away the balloon and hide the ice eggs around the garden for your little detective to find. And once they’ve found all of them, make a little nest where the small toys can hatch (defrost) – kids love this one!  

Put on a show  

If you want to do something a little more interactive, why not combine the beauty of audio players’ storytelling with the magic of the theatre! Dressing up with your little one and putting on a show is a great way to let off some steam and enjoy many laughs together. Plus, if you want to be the creator of your own story, you can even use the ‘Creative Tonies’ and Yotocards to record and playback your own masterpiece!

Mini art class

If your little one is an artist-to-be, they will love taking the time to draw together! The Janod White + Blackboard Table is the perfect solution for drawing again and again, with a small whiteboard eraser that can be used to clean up your little one's work.

Plus on one side, there is the blackboard on which children can draw with the 2 large chalks provided, and on the other, they can practice with the whiteboard and erasable marker. Each side of the board has handles for easy transport and the green non-slip base allows the slate to be placed on a table.