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The Little  HQ is the brand that understands parents. We are an online retailer that specializes in newborn, baby, toddler, and pre-school essentials.

Founded in 2021 by two parents seeking to create a one stop shop for all things baby, with informative parenting blogs, an online children's shop and a range of lovingly designed, practical, must-have products for children ranging from babies through to preschoolers.

We want the best for our children and their parents, so our number one priority is ensuring that all our products are safe and wherever possible free from nasties. Protecting the planet for our children’s future is important to us, which is why we handpick suppliers whose materials, production methods, and packaging support sustainability.

Parenting comes with many challenges, and we want to ease the stress that comes with it. We believe that raising is the most exciting, memorable, fulfilling, journey and we are here to help along the way.

Must-have baby products


Memory Foam Baby Pillow with Removable Pillowcase. Plagiocephaly Flat Head Prevention Technology for Newborn Babies, Infants and toddlers



Extra Long Safety Bumper to Child Proof and Protect your Toddler from Furniture & sharp edges



HQ Cocoon Me Baby Nest for Newborn and Babies. Reversible, Infant Bassinet/Pod for Lounging, Tummy Time and Baby Play


What we believe in... 

Infant and child safety
Along with our range of safety products which are designed to give children a safe and secure space to develop their independence, we make it our number one priority to ensure that every single one of the products we sell is safe and wherever possible free from nasties. We wouldn't sell a product that we wouldn't use on our own children so you can be sure that every fabric, fibre and material we use is safe for your baby.

EnvironmentProtecting the planet for our children is important to us which is why we strongly believe that our footprint should be minimal. The choices we make are well thought out aiming for smallest impact possible. We want to be transparent with our customers so you know who and where you are spending your money and that we are doing our very best to ensure that your money is being used protect the planet.

Parents We believe in making choices easy for parents so you can focus more on fun and less on worry!

We commit to:

Efficient use of water and energy.
Efficient use of other natural resources.
Minimising waste.
Sustainable transport.
Responsible purchasing.
Use of non-toxic products.
Working with clients and suppliers to encourage high environmental standards.
Raising awareness and training employees on environmental issues.

“Children are our greatest resource. They are our future.”

Pediatrician-recommended baby products. Our products have the seal of approval from pediatricians, midwives and health visitors.
OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified (2021) so you can be certain that every component, every thread, and piece of fabric, has been tested for harmful substances and are therefore safe for your baby’s sensitive skin.
All of our plastics are 100% BPA free. Many plastic products such as baby bottles, plastic plates, cutlery, storage containers and drink bottles are made using BPA. BPA can be harmful to children's health.
We use 100% organic cotton in our products meaning they're not only baby soft but they are sustainable too.

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